Where do we find inspiration to improve our Quality Of Life (QOL)?

The easy answer is to look to the things we enjoy. What makes us happy? What makes us feel better about our QOL?

But how many of us take the time to reflect on our lives? We never seem to have the time to appreciate our blessings until we lose them. That is too late.

In this section, I explain strategies and methods that we can apply to our lives to recognize the good stuff and use it to inspire us to improve our QOL.

I also want to build a collection of inspirational resources that we can share. If you know of a good website, a book, a painting, or anything that has inspired you to improve your Quality Of Life, please share it here.

If you want to start a project to improve your QOL, you must take it seriously. My 7 step plan teaches you how to be inspired to improve the quality of your life.

Purpose Of Inspiration

Why do you seek inspiration? Do you want to be inspired to improve health, wealth, happiness or something else? What type of inspirational thoughts do you seek?

Rewards Of Inspiration

Following from your purpose, what improvements in your QOL will you expect? Are you being realistic in your expectations? How inspiring do you want your project to be?

Objectives Of Inspiration

Is inspiration to improve quality of life dependent on assessing your current QOL, or do you want to follow others and be inspired by them? Will you seek the inspirational quotes of others, or write your own?

Strategies For Inspiration

With clear purpose, expectations, and goals, you can plan how to get the inspiration you need. You can plot your own inspirational stories.

Producing Inspiration

Follow your planned strategy and collect your inspirational words and ideas.

Reaping Inspiration

Turn your inspirational thoughts and ideas into real improvements in your QOL. Become inspired.

Appreciate Inspiration

Review your achievements, build on your successes, improve your plans and procedures, appreciate your inspiration. Lead your own inspirational life.

Where have you found inspiration today?

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. metamorph

    Keith, your 7 Step Plan on how to be inspired to improve the Quality of Life (QOL) is indeed very inspiring. It is clear and precise . Most importantly it’s simple yet easy to understand and follow. Most of us are so “busy” making a living and coping with seemingly endless problems and vagaries of life that we tend to lose sight of what we really want or live for. We simply slogged and toiled and do whatever is needed to cope with the difficulties and problems we are facing almost every day. At the end of it, we are so drained – physically, mentally and emotionally that we end up as complete wretches – forgetting that there are so much more about life that we should be living for. It is therefore good to pause, take a step back and spend some time alone for a little while to reflect on our lives. “Loneliness is not emptiness! It is a precious moment when one is in touch of his inner self and the beauties of life”.

    Your 7 Step Plan is an excellent guide for all of us who have forgotten what life really is. You have made it simple and clear the various steps of how we could/should take some time off to reflect on what and where we are and what we would like to be. It is an “awakening”- that there is so much more about life that we should be mindful of in order to lead a more purposeful, meaningful and happy life, not only for ourselves but everyone else around us who are, in one way or another, involved or affected by our attitude, thoughts and deeds.

    Each and every one of us has our own unique journey in life. Where we want to go to and how to reach our destination is for ourselves to decide as “There are more than one ways to reach a Destination”. Whether we can succeed in whatever we do or strive for depends very much on opportunities. So, we need to be discerning and quick enough to make good use of whatever opportunities that happen to come our way. However, “We do not search for a rainbow to find the pot of gold. Rainbows abound around us.” Opportunities abound around us. Therefore, “Everything can turn into Gold, if we know when to capitalise on the right opportunities at the right time”.

    Most importantly, even if we were to miss an opportunity or two do not lose HOPE. “Endure and Persevere. Brightness will eventually prevail”. As long as we are resilient and determined enough not to give up in abandonment too easily, we could end up even stronger and more able to cope with more difficult times ahead. Very often, “Darkness is a prelude to brighter times ahead” and “There is always a glimmer of hope during the darkest times”.

    “Solitary as we may seem at times, we are never alone all by ourselves”. Indeed we are never alone! My deepest appreciation to you for creating this opportunity for us and encouraging us to share whatever “inspirational resources” we might have so that we may be more inspired to improve our Quality of Life.

    Thanks Keith.


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