Lord Knows How Titles Help Quality Of Life

Being English, with friends all around the world, it is interesting to see how quality of life issues are cultural.

Most Quality Of Life websites are based around health or wealth. My websites are no exception, but here on QOL, I like to consider other issues such as inspiration, self-improvement, and social matters. Today, I’m reminded of Donne’s declaration that No man is an island, and inspiration often comes from our social network. A rich social network, enhanced these days by the positive qualities of the Internet, improves quality of life in many ways. Often a passing remark out of a familiar cultural context makes me contemplate how and why we value certain things.

When my friend declared his abhorrence of all things royal, and barfed at Sir Mick Jagger’s title, it got me thinking.

I am no lover of royalty, and I do not believe that kings and queens have any special rights or powers that should elevate them above the rest of us. The USA left them behind, but our royalty is a product of our history. Importantly, the modern world allows them to continue in the role, but most of the decision makers acknowledge that they only hold office by the will of the people.

Anyway, I do not want to turn this into a political debate. There must be some political element to the granting of a knighthood to a rock singer, but I feel the award is much more about social recognition of our country and the rest of the world, rather than royal patronage. Of course, there are many awards for the entertainment industry – Oscars, Emmys, Grammys to name but a few. However, at least in the UK, there appears to be much more esteem in awards from the head of state.

I will never be able to judge personally, but I own the view that a Sir or a Lord has received public recognition for their endeavours. I know that, in the UK at least, a medal from the head of state brings greater kudos than an industry award.

I wonder how that applies around the world, or even if I am right about the UK. What are your views?

Would an award from your head of state, whose views might be totally different from your own, bring higher quality of life improvement than an industry award? I know I’ve touched on politics, but please keep your responses to quality of life and social or cultural issues.

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