Inspirational Thoughts about LIFE

I am sharing some personal “Inspirational Thoughts” which I have compiled using selected pictures of sceneries which have given me very “special feelings” and “inspirations” about LIFE. These pictures were taken during a winter trip to New Zealand some years ago.

The first one I am sharing is aptly applicable to our “Health”.
Little Signs And Signals

“Sufferings” and “Ups and Downs” are inevitable in our LIFE, but we must never succumb to them or give up too easily. GOUT being one of them, it is painful and debilitating but not life threatening. GoutPal Interactive leads us to the path of Brightness.Dark Tunnels

All of us responsible for ourselves & our words, deeds and decisions. Therefore, we need to be very careful that we do so responsibly in order not to hurt others our ourselves. More so at crucial moments or a crisis when we make decisions that might affect our Life or others’.
Crossroads In Life

There are many ways to achieve our goals or reach a destination. The easiest and fastest might not be the safest. Think carefully and choose wisely!

Misfortunes, sufferings and setbacks can befall anyone and anytime in LIFE.

Do not lose HOPE!
Glimmer Of Hope

If we are resilient and determined enough not to give up in abandonment too easily, we could end up even stronger and more able to cope with more difficult times ahead.

It could also be an AWAKENING to LIFE.
Brighter Times Ahead
Please feel free to share whatever thoughts, remarks or comments you might have.

GoutPal Interactive is a very good example. When we are suffering from GOUT, the pain and swelling make us feel so miserable that we often ask “why me?”. Here at GoutPal Interactive we realize that we are “not alone” and there are many other people who could even be worse off then ourselves and who share their joy and woes so willingly and unreservedly.
Open Mind
Golden Opportunities
Brighter Sides Of Life

True Beauty

This is my last Inspirational Thought of my NZ series.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Thoughts about LIFE

      1. Keith From Shrewdies

        I have now taken this a stage further. It is clear to me that people seek out these photographs and their inspirational thoughts because they are looking for inspiration. Therefore I have produced my inspiration pathway – a method for finding inspiration that goes beyond my random searches. Of course, there are many ways to seek inspiration, but I present a simple method that works. The pathway phases are also useful for just about any task or project that benefits from planning.

        I have specifically used your photographs and phrases in two phases of my pathway to inspiration:

  1. Trev

    Very nice pics and more- worthwhile thoughts from Met.

    Very simple concepts , but very true -especially the one about outer beauty versus inner values. This is, in some way, part of gout where an ‘inner curse’ teaches forebearance and acceptance that can affect how we live our lives externally.

    Very few non sufferers understand gout pain -which can be made worse by this sympathy lack, so many are driven inwards for extra resources.

    The other shot I liked was the ‘Destination’ one with land,road water & air as some options- but notice the curve in the distance. This indicates that destinations are only temporary and hiding the future, so whatever path we choose the best is the one marked ‘Flexible and Expect Surprises’ including our ‘apparent final’ choice. :)

    [ie: Canvas laid flat and viewed edge on!] ;)

  2. metamorph

    Keith, I am glad you are taking this further with your “inspirational path”. I had wanted to share more but was unable to because, somehow, my posts could never get through. Hope this can.

  3. Keith From Shrewdies

    Great to hear from you again, metamorph.

    As you can see, I’ve made a few changes here, with more to come. I’m still fine-tuning the service, but you should see a button in the menu to add new posts.

    I will refocus on improving facilities and documentation, now that I know someone is actually reading my ramblings, and keen to contribute. Question and answer service will be in later today, but you can always ask in comments if something is not working as it should.

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