QOL True Beauty

The final photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series shows us how to find, and appreciate, True Beauty.

Beauty means many things to many people. If we talk of True Beauty, we implicitly acknowledge the existence of False Beauty. But QOL is no place for such negative thoughts so let me talk of recognizing beauty, or learning to recognize beauty. As usual, we will be helped by some inspirational words, but in my usual way, let me first ponder the nature of beauty.

Beauty is the qualities that give pleasure to the senses. That raises the question of why our Quality Of Life is not enhanced by True Beauty. Are we failing to see the qualities? Or are we missing the sense?

More on that once we have seen the QOL True Beauty Photograph.

See the QOL True Beauty Photograph

QOL Rainbow

The twelfth photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series takes us to the end of the rainbow.

Or does it?

As with all these thoughts, the photograph, as we will see in a moment, shows breathtaking natural beauty. As with all the inspirational words, we can see different meanings.

Folklore, especially Irish folklore, is full of fables about what we can hope to find at the end of the rainbow. When we see a rainbow, we automatically want to go to it’s end, yet we know that is impossible.

Though our mind tells us our rainbow is simply refraction of the sun’s rays, our hearts always see more. This leads to chasing rainbows, as a common meaning of the rainbow as an illusory hope.

Let’s think more on that after we have seen the QOL Rainbow photograph.

See the QOL Rainbow Photograph

QOL Brighter Sides Of Life

The eleventh photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series continues the positive trend of opportunity with encouragement to focus on brighter sides of life.

“Brighter Sides” is a clear indication that life has many aspects. As you will see shortly, the Brighter Sides Of Life is a wonderful contrast between dull and bright aspects of nature. As natural beings, our Quality Of Life (QOL) also has bright and dull aspects. Which will you focus on?

Intriguingly, even the choice of word, “brighter,” has a lot to tell us about quality of life. Bright has several meanings, and is closely linked to many positive, inspiring words. Hopeful, promising, brilliant, vivid, smart, or my favorite: glorious.

I love inspirational words like brighter, but before I look at how we can make QOL brighter, let’s look at the Brighter Sides Of Life Photograph.

See the QOL Brighter Sides Of Life Photograph

The Golden Apple by Kathy Aaronson

Following yesterday’s Inspirational thoughts about Golden Opportunities, I’m inspired to share The Golden Apple with you.

To give it it’s full title, Kathy Aaronson’s book is: The Golden Apple: How to Grow Opportunity and Harvest Success.

Golden Opportunities Introduction

At first sight, The Golden Apple is a business book designed to motivate managers. It certainly does that, but it goes much further.

The background story is business based, but it is on a very human scale. It is based around Kathy Aaronson’s history of success when she started a roadside business, as an eight year old, selling misshapen produce from the family farm. Kathy’s early recognition that business is built on personal abilities and forming relationships affects all aspects of our lives.

Building on personal strengths, and creating opportunities to capitalize on them is the essence of my Golden Opportunities article. It is also the essence of The Golden Apple, and we can learn much from the inspirational stories within it.

As Tatiana Platt puts it:

Think fast, be creative, and know how to come up with your own speed bumps in life that get people to stop and pay attention. Kathy Aaronson reminds us of that “kid courage” that got us what we wanted as children. Are you applying it to your life today?

Read about the Golden Opportunities book

QOL Golden Opportunities

The tenth photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series continues a positive outlook with making the most of golden opportunities.

Opportunity is a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances. Therefore golden opportunities are very favorable, but depend on chance. The implication is that we cannot manufacture these favorable circumstances. However, if we follow the previous advice, we should spot golden opportunities with our open eyes. We should explore those opportunities with an open mind.

Now, we need to learn to make the most of the golden opportunities as we find them. But first let’s look at metamorph’s inspirational Golden Opportunities photograph.

See the Golden Opportunities photograph

Inspirational Thoughts Of Life Improve Quality Of Life

Do you think inspirational thoughts of life can improve Quality Of Life (QOL)?

I was a skeptic, but now I prefer to keep an open mind.

In Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas by Allen Klein and Jack Canfield, we see how inspirational thoughts can change your life.

Inspirational Thoughts Of Life Introduction

I used to be skeptical of the notion that a collection of quotes could ever be inspirational, let alone change your life. Then out of the blue, I received metamorph’s gift of his Inspirational Thoughts photographs.

At first they were a pleasant set of holiday photos with a few well-chosen words. Then I was struck by the added value of combining dramatic natural photography with thoughts designed to inspire improvements to quality of life.

They inspired me to start this QOL website, and in a small, but positive way, that has improved my Quality Of Life. It continues to improve my QOL every time I write.

See how inspirational thoughts of life can improve your QOL

QOL Open Mind

The ninth photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series introduces a final positive outlook, starting with an open mind.

This final mini-series of 5 photographs with inspiring words leads us through Opportunities and Brighter Sides Of Life before we reach True Beauty at the end of the Rainbow. However, metamorph urges us to keep eyes and minds open to discern beauty.

wrdnik tells us that discern means:

To see and identify by noting a difference or differences; to note the distinctive character of; to discriminate; to distinguish.
To see by the eye or by the understanding; to perceive and recognize.

There are some important nuances in those definitions, which I will explore once we’ve see the Open Mind Photograph.

See the Open Mind Photograph

Thoughts On Life: Can You Speculate On Quality?

I’ve been reading Speculation As A Fine Art And Thoughts On Life by Dickson G. Watts, and I’m struck by the notion of speculation as a method of improving Quality Of Life (QOL).

Though Watts is writing mainly for the business community, many of the thoughts expressed in this book have very wide application. In fact, Watts pushes us beyond wealth, and it becomes easy to see (for me, at least) how applying principles of speculation beyond wealth generation, we can improve QOL.

Thoughts On Life Book Introduction

Speculation As A Fine Art And Thoughts On Life is a guide to successful trading, published in 1880, and republished in this format in October 2008.

wrdnik defines speculation as:

The act or practice of buying land, goods, shares, etc., in expectation of selling at a higher price, or of selling with the expectation of repurchasing at a lower price; a trading on anticipated fluctuations in price, as distinguished from trading in which the profit expected is the difference between the retail and wholesale prices, or the difference of price in different markets.

Through the years, Speculation As A Fine Art And Thoughts On Life has been referred to by many successful business people. Several note how the principles can be widely applied. As Phillips noted in 2004:

Read more about the Thoughts On Life book

QOL Loneliness

The eighth photograph in metamorph’s Inspirational Thoughts series is Loneliness.

Related to the previous photograph, Solitary, this looks at being alone from a different angle. If we feel loneliness is reducing our Quality Of Life (QOL), how can we turn it round to feel positive about our situation?

Before I reveal the photograph, let me offer a definition of loneliness – one of many from the excellent wrdnik website:

The sense of being alone or lonely; dejection from want of companionship or sympathy; forlornness.

I’ve deliberately chosen one of the darker definitions, and I’ll explain why after I show you the photograph.

see the QOL Loneliness photograph

Moving Inspirational Quotes With A Small Drop of Ink

For moving inspirational quotes, look no further than A Small Drop of Ink: A Collection of Inspirational and Moving Quotations of the Ages by Linda Pendleton.

When we are looking for inspiration, the words of historic figures can often move us towards improved Quality Of Life (QOL).

Linda Pendleton is the author of a wide range of nonfiction, mystery novels, comic book scripting, and screenplays. During her career, she has collected together an inspiring collection of thought-provoking quotations.

A Small Drop of Ink: A Collection of Inspirational and Moving Quotations of the Ages

The title of the book derives from Lord Byron:

Words are things; and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.

Read more about the Moving Inspirational Quotes Book